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I'm Stephania Christodoulou.

I am a Life and Transformational Coach and Energy Worker and I work with people who want to transform their lives for the better and live life at their measures.


I believe in transformation and that it all starts within. When the inner reality transforms, the outer reality transforms too!  


My reason for BEing Here is to assist and guide you in discovering the Divine True Authentic You and in fulfilling your Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission!


So, whether it is your spirituality, your relationships, your career and finances, your health and body, I am here for YOU!


Together we identify, transmute and replace anything and everything that is not serving your highest good anymore. You become clear on what it is that you do want, we set goals and we take action. You learn how to activate your innate healing abilities. You learn and use simple tools, all the while you discover your own divine gifts and abilities.


By the end of our co-active work, you have discovered your own personal formula for success, which then you are called to use for your highest good and the highest good of All!

Sending you Love and Light,


Owning Your Power!

"Your perception is what creates your reality.

Sometimes the biggest disaster is nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Thought does affect matter.

You are more powerful than you believe you are!"


Loving feedback and success stories.
Testimonials about Stephania Christodoulou

It is hard for me to describe in words, they way I feel about working with Stephania Christodoulou, I’ll try my best, bring these manifold sensations on paper. Since I met her and we started working together my life and perception of it changed completely, in the most positive way conceivable.

Starting with an intense analyzation of my emotions regarding myself and my surroundings we worked on releasing old habits and patterns, finding myself with lovingness andseeing beauty in life.


Helping me to improve myself and raising my own frequency constantly, she provided me with tools and methods to work with on a daily basis altering my perception of life itself and finding my own purpose.


Furthermore, she helped me gaining the ability to heal myself, the greatest manor I was to learn yet.


I am inspired by her motivation and constant love towards her environments and am very happy and thankful that I got the chance to work with her and learn from her.


Thank you for your constant love, your running support and teachings. Thank you for bringing me into the light.


Light and love



— P. Phildius

Berlin, Germany

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