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In Quantum Emotional Clearing, negative energies are exposed in the light of consciousness while confirming acceptance and love of OneSelf. During this process specific acupuncture meridian points are tapped, causing these energies to loosen and release from the matrix. This transformative process can leave you feeling clearer and calmer, free to explore a new level of enjoyment in life, unencumbered by the past. Thus,


BEcoming who YOU truly are. 

Curse Clearing


An effortless and still impactful technique, coming through Quantum Emotional Clearing is the Curse Clearing and it is designed to help you feel more in flow and more in balance with your life. 


When it comes to those days when you are forgetting things, dropping things, or being in any kind out of sorts, this is a phenomenal technique to assist you become more in alignment. Perhaps it is simply one of those days where you are just looking for more clarity, more purpose, being more in flow… 

So, what you are going to do, is to take three fingers and you're either going to tap on your third eye point,






or on the little finger side of your hand right along that edge, the Karate Chop point


As you go through this, feel free to interject the word God and use another name or another word you like for the Divine instead.

Third eye point_LAYM.png
Karate Chop_LAYM.png

Even though I have done nothing wrong,

I am free to let all negativity go and I release it all NOW.



By the power of God, 

​All curses, flacks and negative projections, 

Any and all interferences, 

All hooks, cords and contracts, 

All physical and non physical toxins,

All resistance, 

Anything and everything that is not mine, 

Anything and everything that is not of the Light, 

Including all ancient, hidden and veiled ones, 

And all repeaters, 

They are bound and defeated 

And must leave me, my life and my environment NOW,

To return to the Source and be revealed in the Light,

Once and for All, right NOW!


(repeat 3x)


So BE it, Let it be DONE and It is So!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now, take in three deep slow breaths - in through your nose breathing up to the crown of the head and holding it there for a moment and then quietly and gently out through your mouth

You are invited to use this tool as often as you wish,

to support in changing & transforming your Life At Your Measures.

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