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The Key of Happiness lies in Liberation (Part 2 of 2)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A fantastic technique for easily releasing any negative emotions is The Release Technique by Lester Levenson. You see your mind works like a computer. When you have a virus on your computer and you do not remove it, any information you add as long as the virus is on your computer, it will keep interfering with its operation. Most of us suppress our negative emotions, considering this to be strength. What happens is that when negativity is suppressed, it is being pushed into the subconscious and it stays there interfering with our health, happiness, success, our ability to make money and so on.

What would it mean for you if you could eliminate all your fear? Get rid of disappointment and never too feel it again? Getting rid of that I CAN’T and start the I CAN? Never to feel restricted ever again? Would that be worth of something?

Let us now have a look at this simple technique, step by step on how to remove negativity immediately. Practice will help you to feel happy all the time, always positive. And yes. It is possible to be positive all the time!

To get an idea, or better yet, why not go ahead and try it now with me:

Get in touch with some of the negative feelings that hinder you. Think of something that concerns you in your life, situation or person. Close your eyes, lower your head and see if you feel a twitch, tightening, annoyance or just something disharmonious in your stomach and chest area.

This twitching is your body beating the door by saying "Let me go!"

Now open an imaginary door in this area, just above the contraction point and just watch how this energy starts to flow out of this door. Continue to keep track of your inhalation and exhalation as it continues to flow. And more... And more… The feeling is neither negative nor positive. It is just energy that passes. Allow yourself and observe with your breathing how the energy flows more and more.

See how you feel now about that thing you were so concerned about. You should feel lighter, not so bothered about that. Give it a try on anything else you may be concerned about it right now. Maybe it is something you have not figured out yet, or maybe you just need to stop judging yourself and finally start loving it as you should.

The longer you have the "door" open, the more the energy can flow. It is not at all difficult, you just need to be aware of it and here is where your breath can help you out. The more you pay attention on your breath and keeping that door open, the more you keep releasing.

It is possible to be in release 24 hours a day. It just needs perseverance and practice.

The only limitations are those that we set upon ourselves and only if we release those limitations we can truly be free!

Always here for you, I invite you to connect with me. Until then everything, always, under Divine Grace and in perfect Ways!





Originally published in Greek, in the local newspaper Foni tis Paphou, on 23.07.2016.

Part of a series of articles entitled "Wear Life to Your Measures!"


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