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The Key of Happiness lies in Liberation (Part 1 of 2)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

"The termination of desire is what ends the misery.", must have said Buddha in 527 BC. Hmm... Ok... Some of you may think, if I stop wanting, then I will finally be happy at last.

How can I stop asking when I am supposed to be absolutely clear about what exactly it is that I want, to set goals and then act upon an action plan in order to achieve them? Shape oxymoron, do you agree? We are constantly listening about the importance of goals and knowing exactly what it is that we want and now this.

The issue is much simpler. Perhaps too simple for our mind that has been taught to deal with complicated situations, while at the same time as soon as something is outside of our comfort zone - that is, that which our good little head is accustomed to - automatically to pull up the emergency brakes.

Having a goal is not the problem at all. On the contrary it is a must! Otherwise we are like a ship in the sea without a compass. Ending up making circles around ourselves finally reaching... nowhere.

The feeling of lack of what we want, which implies with our goals is the main challenge here and the associated feelings that come with it, such as frustration, anger, jealousy, etc. Feelings contrary to our true, authentic nature and actually the exact opposite of what we want.

Leading us to the subject I want to go through with you today. We are talking here about LIBERATION. Liberation from anything that is holding you back from what you truly are and from what you came here at this lifetime to achieve. Liberation from phobias, insecurity, financial difficulties, challenges in relationships, liberation even from sickness.

You will realize that as long as you release anything and everything that concerns, worries, disappoints and scares you, the more you will find yourself feeling peaceful, happier, abundant and able to easier do whatever you want, regardless of your situation. Whether it means giving your love unconditionally without terms and restrictions, or starting a new business plan.

The only limitations are those we made ourselves believe and only by releasing those limitations we can truly be free.

Anything and everything that is happening, is happening NOW. The past is gone, it is history and the future... well that we are creating right now, at this moment. This moment NOW, is the only time we are truly powerful and the only thing that we can actually influence.

The tool you can use is already in your hands and it is your BREATHING. Now, the time has come for you to start applying it more consciously.

Give it a go now. Focus your attention on your breath. Inhale... Exhale... Allow yourself to take a deep breath and then release it and fully empty your lungs upon exhaling. Continue to do so for a few minutes. You will notice that anything negative that concerned you has faded and you will feel more serene.

You are in the NOW moment and here is where your power lies!

What happens when anything negative goes away? You guessed correctly!

In the next and last part, I will be sharing with you a Release Technique. A fantastic and perhaps one of the most effective methods for eliminating negativity.

Until then,

Sending you Love and Light,


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