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YOU are the Way!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Feeling a bit of confusion and somewhere chaos in your life at this time? You may also notice some physical symptoms that are quite disturbing. Some even, feel so exhausted by this struggle for living on Earth at this point, that they decide to leave us. We are now in a period of transformation where a planetary activation is taking place and the prevailing energies now are pushing us more and more in that direction. Both planetary and personally. A process of clearing, observation and implementation. A process where we "move our old self out" and now is the time to upgrade even more than ever before.

Perhaps you have even noticed some unconscious internal programs of duality and separation that arise. It is a priority for each of us to observe and to deal with that which is not pure, respected, compassionate and supportive energy of love, towards ourselves and each other, as soul's energy. Just stop at any moment and observe every part of your reality, your entire reality and see what plays for you and what your own experiences are. This will tell you everything. The rest is up to you to resolve, change, and expand beyond that.

Each one of us is being "pushed" to look and really take responsibility for his or her own energy and what he or she continues to support, allow or even tries to ignore to take the courage out of his / her own internal connection and to choose which physical dimension will cause to take place.

Reality is subjective. It is our attitudes, our beliefs and our energy being transmitted outward for each of us to experience. By observing what we perceive as reality, it gives each one of us the power to completely change our reality.

You must leave behind what keeps you connected with the status-quo of this reality. Let the little self, the drama and trauma, the crises and confusion, the doubts and resistance, the tears and fears. These do not belong to you, they are clutter and fragments in your energy sector. They disguise the fact that you are the doorway and block the door. They keep you in the illusion that you are defective, broken and small.

The truth is that this process is indeed huge work for our body. Those of you who feel this energy very intensely take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, keep your body hydrated (water helps the energy to flow more easily) and try to get as much rest as you need because one of the things that happens when we receive intense light codes, (that is exactly what is happening during this period) is that we dehydrate and our nervous system becomes a little bit hyperactive. That's why we need a lot of water and a lot of rest to bring our nervous system back to balance.

Another thing that is very important, is the need to have peace within us. By returning back to the peaceful point that exists in our heart, this way we cannot be pulled into chaos and we return to our own peace. When we connect with our own peace, we are connected with the Divine Peace and the peace with everything that exists.

Your tool here, can be meditation or simply conscious breathing that can bring you back into the Now, which is where your power is. Give it a go for a while and inhale consciously through the nose by counting within 1, 2, 3 and exhale counting 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. You will notice after a while that you feel more relaxed and peaceful within you.

These cosmic frequencies will continue to cause our human side to wake up and point out where we are not aligned, allowing us the choice of choice. A completely conscious majestic and magical, beautiful, abundant, loving, kind, compassionate, respectful, harmonious, joyful experience, or an experience of duality, pain, harshness, not having enough and every unconscious program that everyone thinks he /she believes.

There is no reason to look for a way elsewhere. You already know the way, YOU are the Way!

Always here for you.

Sending you Love and Light,





First published in the local newspaper "Foni tis Pafou", on the 30.06.2018.

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