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Finding Our Own Truth...

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

All of us we create our own reality, our own unique world . For each one of us this reality is different. People who correspond to our own frequency see and experience the same things as we do. Those who are vibrating at a different frequency see and experience something entirely different. In a nutshell, what you think and at whatever frequency you vibrate is what you will see or you will experience, or experience daily. What are you experiencing these days?

Celebrating Love, celebrating Light. Celebrating being One with All Divine! Gratitude!!!

Upon waking up, all our hidden, suppressed and unhappy "things" come to the surface and sometimes happiness seems to be a little faint thing. Old programs become visible to us so that we can clear them out, resolve and transmute them into a vibrating reality that is fully aligned instead. This is the challenge for each of us...

In order to evolve into our ideal Higher Self, where we make the highest choices aligned with us, we must first release the human side of our Ego, such as fear, judgment, lack, to unravel our own separation presented by physical reality us. As we face one by one our fears (false beliefs), the most pure, courteous, abundant, grateful and powerful aspects of ourselves, appear.

There is a small spark in us. This is our soul and the more we allow it, the more it will grow as we embrace this aspect of ourselves. We are returning to a place where purity, love, enormous peace and happiness are no longer a "thing" we seek.

CHOOSING is a POWER that our human side fears, avoids. Recognizing our own Fears - EGO - Interventions and False Beliefs gives us a POWER that we do not have before we wake up for what duality is and why we demand polarity to catalyze us.

Are you ready to fully embrace and honor what you came here to do? Do you allow your own Ego programs to keep holding that Fear in you? Every reality, ALL realities, is/are always available. What we have to do is to recognize and consciously choose to create the reality of our preference based on our own TRUTH. At least that is the goal.

"This experience right now, does it give me Joy, Peace and Happiness?"

"Does this "thing" inspire me and others or is it one of the "old programs" again?

Getting started with these questions will help you begin to see for yourself what is compatible and in line with your own values ​​and what not. Through every such experience, more things are added to your life that bring joy, inspiration, happiness, peace and love. You learn to identify what is shown by your own weakened mindset beliefs, those that represent your own deficiency, and you consciously decide not to allow this to happen any more at all in your reality.

Simply changing the mentality of being happy at every moment, living with gratitude every moment, changes everything. You see things differently because you are shifting yourself from never being happy and the attitude of never having enough, to having everything you need and being abundant in every way. As soon as the energy and the way of thinking move into the notion that we are already "rich," we already have plenty, then everything beyond that is extra abundance, a bonus, a gift and an opportunity for us to do even more.

Then, alchemy within us will take the lead by waking our true creative aspect, and when this is done then we will never stop creating.

Sending you Love and Light,


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