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Your most important decision-making tool... is not your mind!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Day in and day out we are being bombarded with decisions that we have to take. Sometimes in our effort to make things easier, we ask for the opinion of others. Opinions though, are just like belly buttons. We all have one! So, what do we do?

Today I will share with you one of the most important tools I use in all parts of my life and also encourage my coachees to practise, so as to make the best decision for themselves and those who may be affected by this decision. This tool can be used to make decisions about anything. Whether it's something you want to buy, your job, even in making decisions about potential co-workers. Which I personally do, ask myself "How do I feel when I talk to that person? Is it a good fit?" A tool worth using constantly because,


Your body speaks to you through bodily sensations. This is the language of the body. Today, you will learn how to distinguish your body's reactions, depending on what you think.

The following exercise will help you.

Sit somewhere comfortably, straight, without crossing your legs. Take two deep breaths, close your eyes and relax. Now you're ready. We will do some visualising to get a sense of how it works.

The first thing to do is to look back at your memories and find a painful memory. It can be a family death, a separation, the loss of a job. Remember with as much precision as possible your emotions in that moment - the sounds, smells. You will notice that some of the emotions arise back up. It may be a tightness in the stomach, a knot in the throat or a tension on the forehead.

Acknowledge / name this emotion. Observe the bodily areas where you feel it. Now, in your everyday life, when you are stressed, do you notice the tension in the same places? The reason why you should name and acknowledge them is because these are the only signs you need. Your body speaks to you! Now you can open your eyes. Take some deep breaths and get rid of it. Now, let's take something else.

Close your eyes again and relax. Imagine one of your best memories. A time when you felt endless happiness. Pay attention to your body, the emotions. Recall again here as much details as possible. Emotions, sounds, smells. Do you feel the different energy? Do you feel lighter? More energetic? Observe these bodily sensations where they are located. Have you ever noticed these emotions in your body in joyful moments of your everyday life, in the same places?

Have you noticed that your body communicates with you through these bodily sensations? What we are looking at here is how you can use your body in making decisions and the real advantage of this exercise is that you have already learned through your personal experience, everything that you need to know.

Now, it is up to you to start and put into practice, that which is already at your fingertips - Your own personal SOMATIC COMPASS.

I trust in your success!

Always here for you.

Until then, sending you Love and Light,


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