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What's the best that can happen today?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

More harmony within us in and all that the day predicts? Whatever that is, it is purely a matter of self choice, for each one of us.

Wherever you are at this moment, stretch and inhale deeply. Pay attention to your breath for a while. Take a long deep breath... Exhale... Feel how you empty your lungs. This will help to release tension and any other energy that is stagnated. Continue consciously breathing like that for a while... With each exhalation imagine that you release everything that is no longer necessary. Relax your facial muscles and smile... Is there anything that you could feel grateful for, right now? Acknowledge it, saying within "Thank you". Get a sense of whether something is changing inside of you. You may feel more peaceful, a lightness of "Being".


Set your intention, until you are done reading what I share with you here today, that you feel more empowered and you know as well what to do, in order to keep feeling better and better.

This simple process that we just went through, assists in bringing yourself back into the Now, release anything that is obsolete and at the same time raise your vibration. (Note: The feeling of gratitude has the highest vibrational frequency.)

You may have noticed that one of our minds habits is to complicate things. It can either take us to the past (what occurred, the pain, the sadness connected with the past) or the future (what will become, the concern, the worry, the anxiety in regards to the future), whereas the only power we really have is in the NOW (what we are thinking, saying, doing every moment that is passing by).

The past is history and the future we create today / Now.

Sometimes our behaviour may even come from Ego / Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real - any negative emotion can be placed under the category of Fear). Such an example is someone whose present occupation / relationship / way of life is not exactly what he would say that fills his soul, nevertheless remains there for this or that reason.

You may even deal with some physical challenges, such as illness.

Our body is the barometer of our soul.

Simply put, whatever physical symptom we may be experiencing, is nothing but our body knocking at the door by saying "Here is something that needs to be let go." If you are looking for therapy, the causes of the symptoms are a good place to start. Any ailment, mild or severe, is a simple indicator of our emotional state caused by our thoughts and focus.

Whatever arises in negative emotion, it appears so it can be released. Honor it and allow it to flow through. Your conscious breathing and intention can assist greatly in this. Honor your body and give it what it needs. Sometimes this can be plain rest...

Trust in the fact that, where you set your intentions, that is what you will get to experience in your reality.

Keep in mind that always, the main ingredient for any change you want to see in yourself and in your life, is your own active participation.

We are being called at this time, to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

Our heart is where our authentic truth lies, the only one that counts and the one that will guide us in what's required from us.

A big helper to us can be Mother Nature. A walk in nature makes us more receptive to get in touch with our Higher / ideal self and the ability to listen to it.

Everyone is required to take responsibility for everything he/she thinks, feels and does. Whatever you do not like, stop criticising it, allow it to be released with your every exhale and keep moving forward. Stop giving excuses.

Digest the fact that your reality is basically created by your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Choose wisely.

Now let's assume... Visualise with me the following scenario.

There are many different timelines and realities available for us and we have the option of choosing the ideal one for us.

There is the timeline and reality in which we live to survive. Where everything, even the air we breathe, depends and it is controlled by something or someone other than us. Where there are constant feelings of pain, fear, sadness, judgment, condemnation, etc.

There is also a timeline in which absolute harmony, love, truth, synergy and contribution prevail. An ideal self and an ideal life. Where all needs are met with ease and abundance is an overflowing part of life.

If you had the choice, what would you choose?

What if I told you that you have the power to have just that?

Take a deep breath again now... Exhale... Wonderful!

And now I ask you again:

What is the best thing that can happen to you today?

If you can imagine it, feel gratitude and follow it through. Surrender to the result... It has already taken place...

Thank you for BEing Here!

Sending you Love and Light,


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