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Time to Be Your Own Life Coach!

Witnessing the Greatness of some of you, makes me very fortunate and very grateful. Did you know that some of the most successful people you know, all have their own personal coach? Some of them even more than one, depending on the area of ​​their life where they want to see change. Whether it's their business and finances, their health and body, their spirituality, their relationship, or all together.

There is value in working with a person who is committed to our

personal success and trained to help us achieve our goals and this is something that I believe wholeheartedly. But, what if we are in the interval between sessions or we belong to those who are not just ready yet to make that move?

Today I am excited to share with you some leading techniques, which I use a lot with those I am lucky to co-work and you can do so as well. They are specifically designed to help you train yourself to success.

Digging deep

Sometimes we are a bit challenged in identifying exactly what we want and why. Using the following questions can and will assist this process greatly!

"What do I want to improve?"

Think of something in your life that you want to improve. Write down exactly what it is, like a new job etc.

Then ask yourself, "And what else?"

Continue to write, asking each time "And what else?".

Ask and write down, keep digging deeper until nothing is left and you have cleared completely, as we like to say in my circles.

This process will help you determine what exactly you want, but more importantly, it will help you see what lies beneath the surface.

3 questions for review

Another helpful tool, which can help you improve or eliminate any weaknesses, is the use of the following three questions.

"What went well?"

"What did not go so well?"

"What can I do differently or similar next time?"

These questions can be particularly useful for repeated actions. At the end of each day, write down your answers to these questions. This is a very useful tool because now you have an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses that you can look up at any time. So the next time before you act, you are able to check your notes from the last time and act accordingly. This puts you in a place where you do get better and better every time, with all your energies. As time rolls by, the things that appeared in the category of "What did not go so well", they will start shifting into the "What went well" category.

Your habits and skills are now improving naturally, as you pay more attention to them.

The Power of NOW!

Many of us, often catch themselves being "stuck" somewhere. However, there is always something we can do without being dependent on someone, or something else. There are so many things, where money is not even required. In these cases, the only thing that is holding us back, is plain and simple, us.

Whenever you find yourself feeling "stuck", try the following. Turn your focus on your breath. Take a deep, relaxed breath in and exhale completely. Yes... This is bringing you back in the Now moment, which is exactly where your power lies. Now, ask yourself "What can I do Now, that can move my situation forward?" If you continue doing all that you can do, you will steadily be making a little progress. A little progress turns into a great progress.

One last tip, before I leave you. If you were going to work with a professional coach, you would have had regular scheduled meetings with your coach. Since this will be done by you, you would want to have it with yourself as well. You will use this time to stay at the top of your goals, keep track of your progress, set your action steps and make any necessary adjustments to your plans. These personal meetings with yourself you can start them with the three-question technique. So, you begin with, "between the last appointment and now what went well?"

Congratulations! You are ready to start coaching yourself to success. Continue and plan regular meetings with yourself and commit to it. This is necessary for accountability and structure! Keep a notebook to keep track of your progress as you complete the exercises.

Finally do something to move your life forward now. Yes, NOW!

Sending you Love and Light,


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