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The Wisdom Algorithm

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Have you ever noticed that you start appreciate something in your life, when you are faced with it being gone? It is said that most of us waste our lives, spending money that we don’t have, on things that we don’t need, to impress people that we don’t really like.

So, what is wisdom? A definition of wisdom is to value things that you have, while you have them!

A lot of us for most of their lives are not doing this. We want things that we don’t have or want to be something that we are not.

We have the tendency to often focus on everything like it is a fight. We want to fight cancer, fight bacteria, kill the pain. But in the ancient healing they looked at things in terms of balance and purification. You see, our body is a macrocosm of the microcosm. All the elements that exist in nature, also exist in us. Any problems that we may be facing physically, mentally and emotionally, have their root in imbalance and blockages in the body.

In deep healing is about removing any blocks from the body and re-balancing the system.

Simple things that can assist you on that, are the following:

Let’s start with what you put in your body. What do you eat? Some things are good for our body and some aren’t. Do a detox. Use herbs and therapies from your kitchen. Our ancestors did not have medication and the nature of Cyprus is indeed a mobile pharmacy.

In order for something to change, we need to change something first. Deep healing also requires discipline, patience and certain lifestyle changes. What is not serving you? And are you willing to give it up?

Let’s take your spirit. When was the last time you were really in silence? Spending more time with yourself in silence, can be very rewarding. You may start to see who you truly are. You may identify that many of the things that you find so important, are just games invented by other people. Even money is imaginary and just invented. As well as countries. From the space you don’t see a line separating one country from another.

Everything is a poison or a medicine, depending on how you use it. Your life’s work can be a medicine or a poison, depending on whether it is aligned with your purpose, or not.

95% of the people in the world, don’t even know what they want - where in truth, it is all about discovering what you want and achieving it, physically, mentally or emotionally.

These three questions, can provide great help in gaining more clarity and purpose in your life.

If you knew you were going to succeed at whatever you did, what would you do or be?
If you knew you had succeeded in whatever that is, what would you do or be? (e.g. If you knew you had a 100 million dollars in the bank, what would you do or be?)
If you knew you only had 6 months left to live, what would you do or be?

These questions not only can bring so much clarity, but deep healing as well.

You are being challenged to ask these questions to yourself and find those answers. You are encouraged to write them down in a piece of paper and review them every day. Remember that your answer to these three questions are worth more than any amount of money.

Our time is the most valuable thing we have. Why not spend it with people that we love, while doing things that matter. Value what we have, while we have it. Spend more time in silence, asking “who am I and why am I even doing what I am doing?”. Most importantly, the best thing we can do for ourselves and others, is ask the questions to find those answers.

Seemingly impossible things, will become possible, life can be filled with true wisdom and together we can help create this world to be a healthier and happier place!

Thank you for BEing Here!

Sending you Love and Light,


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