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The moment you have been waiting for, is NOW!

The moment we all been waiting for, has arrived and it is now. The change we want, starts with us and takes place through us. Whatever change might be that we wish to see in the world, in our lives, in us.

Many, are still waiting for the perfect opportunity or the perfect conditions, before they even consider of doing something, in order for something to change. They are more abstinent than anything else, waiting for something or anyone, complaining more about the wrongdoers than to take action.

Let's say the perfect opportunity has arrived and knocks at your door. That, which you have been long expecting. Are you ready?

I now remember the words of Les Brown. "It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not to have one, rather than having an opportunity and not being prepared."

Prerequisite that you know what you want...

Let's suppose that you have a magic wand in your hands and just by waving it, you can have anything and everything you ever wanted and dreamed about. What exactly is that;

How is your life, your occupation, your surroundings? Many, you may be one of them, know exactly what you do not want. Still, upon entering the process of actually putting down with blue pen on white paper, that exactly which you do want, there it gets a bit sticky.

Focusing on what you DO NOT want, will bring just more of that. If you do not become clear of what it is exactly that you want, then life will just keep happening to you...

What needs to be done, is clarify for you what you really want and why. It has to be something bigger than you. Then, make a strategy plan and start taking action.

In order for you to have anything that you desire, to have the life you are dreaming of, you must first begin to become that person who has and is all that. What are his / her perceptions, his / her way of thinking? What skills does she or he have? See what all those qualities and skills might be and begin to develop them. What is your service? Begin to do this service.

Something very important, where it is recommended to be completely honest with yourself... Are you a Giver or a Taker? Those who give, serve themselves and others. Those who take, serve only themselves, and all that matters is their own self and interests. Those who give, the Givers, are the ones who really will inherit the planet Earth.

Always remember that you can only eat an elephant, one bite at a time!

Part of this process, indispensable and necessary, is to release / transmute everything that is no longer necessary, like negative beliefs and thought structures, the EGO (E.G.O = Edging God Out).

It is also essential to smooth out etheric bonds and energy that can keeps you stagnant. Another key ingredient is Faith and Trust in yourself and your abilities and the Divine Plan, Surrendering.

You have now at your disposal the recipe of success, whatever you may perceive under the word "success".

Now, "To succeed in life, you have to be hungry!", as Les Brown says. This is where everything begins.

How much hunger do you have for a better tomorrow, for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of ALL?

Thank you, I am looking forward to you and I am always at your service.

Until then.

Sending you Love and Light,


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