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Talking about Wealth ...

Talking about wealth, who is really wealthy after all?

Are wealthy the ones who have big homes and expensive clothes, but their heads are full of fear for the future and mistrust for others? Which, because they do not know whether they will be fine if their money disappears, they are constantly being forced to hold on to their money or to grab more from others, having in mind only themselves?

Are wealthy the ones who, despite the size of their bank account, will always find opportunities and live their lives on their own terms? Even if their finances are temporarily low, they will not be long and will always find a way to do what they really want in their lives, always thinking something beyond themselves.

Here we saw the difference between someone who thinks poorly and someone who thinks wealthy. Indeed, in the latter case, those who think of themselves as wealthy are also those who realize that in essence money is simply a tool and in fact, unnecessary.

Those who think rich are not necessarily the most educated or the most charismatic, some of them are. They just think differently. They have realized and this is the first key for anyone who wants to succeed, that wealth is not in a distant place, but is waiting for us to find it inside of us, just where we are.

Wealthy is one who lives based upon his or her own authentic truth, based on his and her potential and not on his or her limitations. Wealthy is basically the one who can live life at his or her measures!

Money is energy, did you know that? If as the Law of Attraction provides, like attracts like, then our thoughts and feelings are in fact attracting the respective ones. Here, you may realise that there may be enough work to be done first within ourselves. Because what's inside, is what is reflected outside.

How do you think, how do you feel, and how do you talk when it comes to money?

Something that needs to be clarified is the following. You are not to blame, neither your parents, nor the society, government, system or destiny have any blame. They just point out that somewhere our beliefs, in other words, our "programming" in terms of money is not as it should be. Our mind works like a computer and it is as effective as the program that runs it.

What are your own programs?

Let's get some energy moving here together now.

Something that many do not understand, is how wealthy they already are.

Would you change your friends? Would you change those that make you laugh from your heart? Would you change what you eat? Would you change those you love? I imagine that your answer to all of these questions was no. You see, all these are areas of your life where you are already rich. Look to find where else you are actually wealthy I'm sure you will find something else.

Now, use all that you have discovered that make your life richer and write them down in a Gratitude List. The feeling of gratitude increases your vibration, making you more open to the abundance already available to you. I would also urge you to start a Gratitude Journal. The personal results you will gain through that in the long run will surprise you!

Say, "Thank you for the endless abundance in my life. For always having more than I need, thus allowing me to give and do even more for my Highest Good and the Highest Good of All!"

It has begun...

I am always here for you.

Until then,

Sending you Love and Light!


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