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Source knows how much you are (not) committed!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Will you do what you takes to bring peace to your own world?

Will you do what it takes to be Love, no matter what happens outside of you? Will you do what it takes to see your Light and make the Difference only by being your pure true self? Will you do what it takes to vibrate out of an old dimension / timeline and into a completely new one? Will you do what it takes to overcome all the subconscious separation programs you hold within? Will you do what it takes to let everyone else be fully and completely responsible for their own reality while you are fully and completely responsible for yours? Will you do it at all times to activate, anchor and bring into reality all your dreams and desires while at the same time fulfilling Your Higher Purpose and Mission?

Will you really do what it takes? Or you give up, forget it, become unconscious, small, you say to yourself that you can not, you do not deserve it, that you have nothing to offer, to contribute and continue keeping the foundations of an old reality which anyway was never meant to be? Are you focusing on things that really do not matter in the realm of All things, such as drama and chaos, because there still, is the "safe place" to hide?

When we hold back ourselves, this is our fear, our lack, and this vibration is what translates into a shortage in our own world. When you underestimate or overestimate others, you overestimate or underestimate yourself. When you feel insignificant, then it appears in your world.

When your authentic self, your pure soul becomes the most important thing for you, then all your world and your reality are changing.

Then immediately doors open up for you. The Source (YOU) says "Finally! Let's begin now to support her/him." However, throughout the course, there where you still have doubts, this will actually be presented to you as a "test" to get this doubt out of your cells as it was idle, hidden deep within your subconscious, unconscious programming.

Everything is so that you can realize what is really happening within you. If it is not entirely magical, happy and absolute pure abundance, then there is something that you are not open to see or get yet.

What will it take to make it happen for you? What is it require to attract your attention, to slow down and pay attention, focus your energy, embrace your own spirit and your soul as the most important thing in your life, love your body, listen to it and to respect it fully and YOU above all?

Everything that's needed is happening so as to open the heart and the mind and move forward as our ideal Highest Self. When you ask: "Why are these things happening?" The answer is already there. You really need to want to know so that you really can see and understand.

We came here to fully remember and to live again a new life of absolute bliss, magic and abundance.

How we experience everything, how long it takes us, and when, depends clearly on us and our own intent. Patience and perseverance.

Continue. You will get tired along the way, so take a break and honor it.

Get out of your head and fully open your heart and as long as you do this, the easier the journey will be!

Sending you Love and Light,


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