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For Peaceful Warriors - Consciously creating 2020

How to be a peaceful warrior?

The weapon is love.

The shield is love.

The mission is love.

We find ourselves deep in a new phase in the great change in human consciousness. The war for our body and souls has been strengthened. The present moment, NOW, is were all future timelines exist in Gaia. We can change everything in just one moment. We can move from Fear to Love. From anger to forgiveness. From worry to the present. Synthetic lights and food, ups and downs can be replaced by nature, meditation and real soul sister/and brother relationships. We are in a warp speed on the table of probability of human life.

We’ve reached a new gateway as we have entered a new phase of transformation. 2019 has been indeed a roller coaster. Acknowledge and say bravo to yourself for everything that you have accomplished, which is a lot. 2020 holds the potential, and the promise to be one of the best years ever.

You can create your reality with your thoughts, words and actions. A life you will draw based upon your own personal truth and values.

What would you do if you were ten times bolder?

The following procedure can be used to help you consciously create 2020 according to your measures.

Step 1: Imagine it is December 31, 2020.

Step 2: Imagine going through the year 2020 reflecting all the wonderful, successful results you had. See them. Touch them. Feel them. (The manifestation of what our heart truly desires, can only be accomplished through the intensity of our emotions. - Law of Attraction = Like attracts like.)

Step 3: Now get a blue pen and white paper and write a letter addressed to yourself describing everything that happened in 2019. What do you have in your life today, December 31, 2020, for which you are grateful? Is it perhaps a successful new job, career or business? You may be seeing success in the project you have already started. You live a blessed relationship with your soul mate. You can have a new home, a more stable financial situation, better health, a changed lifestyle and why not, what you do for a living has directly to do with things you really want to make and love. Whatever it is, write it down. The more specific you are, the more detail and the more sensations and feelings you add, the better.

Step 4: Now take a look at each item and see what action steps you took during the year 2020 that produced the wonderful results you enjoy. Write these actions in your calendar, showing when they happened. Again, be as detailed as possible. Example: To increase my health, well-being and liveliness, I have committed to stop eating processed foods, drinking more clean water and exercising three times a week.

Step 5: Now save the letter, looking forward to reading it again next year, on December 31, 2020, where you will compare your letter to what actually happened. You will be surprised! Especially if you take action as you wrote it in your calendar during the year.

Release anything unnecessary. Make room to reclaim your Sovereignty.

We are free people connected at all times to the universal frequency of Love and Light. Remember this and we will be fine!

Always here for you!

Until then, sending you Love and Light,


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