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Fear = Green Light!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Some people are afraid of heights, some are afraid of an illness, rejection or failure. Some may even fear their own self.

What are you afraid of?

The funny thing with fear is that rarely can anyone else see their logic, as the person experiencing them. What for some is a “walk in the park”, for another may be the worst nightmare.

The truth is that unless we face any fear, there will never be an opportunity to share our ideas or contribute to something better. Whether it is us personally, the general public good or the environment. Imagine someone scared of flying. Unless he or she confronts and experiences this fear, he/she will spend a lifetime, having literally, missed out on the whole world. Do you notice that there is a pattern here? For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Facing fear is what bridges the gap between you, your biggest opportunities and yes, the ultimate purpose of being Here.

Unless we stumble upon things that scare us, we will not really live. Systematically avoiding anything that makes us uncomfortable, it only results in us staying stagnant in an ever evolving world. This does not keep us safe, at all. It holds us back.

Next time you stumble upon something that scares you, what if instead, you think of it as a good thing? What if we see fear as a signal of green light, instead of red? That fear is nothing more than an illusion?

Take action and move on your path, allowing fear to be on your side as you move forward:

  • Recognize the fear when it is present in you, when you have to make a decision or do something.

  • Feel the fear, however do it anyway. Acknowledge that fear is just a feeling that can do you no harm at all.

  • Know that no matter what action you take, the fear will still be there, so it is important not to let the fear stop you at all.

  • Use that fear as an indication of the importance of the action you are taking. The bigger the fear, the greater the significance of the step you are taking. 

  • Reprogram your response to fear by changing your internal reaction to it. Choose to move from seeing fear as the red light that tells you to stop moving and start seeing fear as the green light that tells you to go on. Take that step forward consciously, trusting that it will bring you closer to your own reconnection with your Self.

Start getting out of your safety net / your comfort zone, that's where the magic happens. Listen for what your heart is beating for and follow it. It is true what they say, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

It is good to chase our fears, because when our courageous act is complete having used our fear as tinder, then at that moment, we are truly unstoppable.

Divine Love and Light, from me to YOU!


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