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                                                 TRANSFORMATION IN A BOTTLE.


Ordering a Customized Flower Essence Formula is an easy way to receive the bio-energetic and healing power of the flowers in a form that is created to support your unique constitution, emotionally, mentally, physical and spiritually.


Flower Essences are masters at helping us heal at the emotional level, however they can also assist with creating healthier boundaries, energetic hygiene + protection, grounding and integration after going through powerful spiritual awakenings, clearing limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral karma, bolstering confidence and self-worth, enhancing creativity, healing trauma and so much more.


When you order your 30 ml elixir, you will be directed to fill out a short questionnaire about what you most need support with. You now have the option to have your formula made with 20% best quality Brandy (the traditional way) as a preservative or if you prefer alcohol-free flower essences, you can have your essence made with organic glycerine instead. Flower essences made with Brandy have a longer shelf-life. Organic (flax) glycerine is provided as an option for those who are extremely sensitive to alcohol.





* We are proud to practice creative + beautiful sustainable packaging! Flower essence shipping materials will be a combination of new eco-friendly, bio-organic, reused, upcycled, compostable and/or recyclable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact on our beloved Earth.

Customised Flower Essence Formulas

SKU: 0001
    • A thorough review of your intake form, which includes Stephania sitting in sacred session to channel and create your unique Flower Essence Elixir formula.
    • The physical creation, blessing and packing of your 30 ml customized Flower Essence Elixir, which is then mailed to you. International orders are accepted. You have the option of having your essence made with Brandy or organic (flax) glycerine.

    • Your custom essence will be made and shipped within 5-7 business days after ordering.

    • Customized Flower Essence.
    • Wildcrafted handmade smudge stick (which herb or sacred wood depending on individual needs).
    • Handwritten individualized afirmations to assist in transformation.
    • Directions for use.
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