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Flower Essences: One of the Most Powerful Emotional Healing Tools from Gaia

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid, bio-energetic and high vibrational remedies, derived from living plant material, such as blossoms, plants, trees, bushes. Flower essences are made by encoding the energetic imprint of a flower or plant in water. Flower essences are encoded with the universal healing intelligence of the plant spirits themselves, which helps humans to heal emotional and energetic blockages in the seven major chakras or “energy centers” of the body.

Flower essences are an ancient healing modality that was commonly used in advanced societies such as Lemuria and Atlantis. They have also been used for centuries in many indigenous cultures for healing, ritualistic ceremony and spiritual development.

More recently, Flower Essence Therapy was re-introduced into modern Western culture in the early 1900s by a British physician, bacteriologist and homeopath named Dr. Edward Bach. You may be familiar with the “Bach Remedies” or perhaps have taken “Rescue Remedy” for stress without realizing that these were flower essences! There are some beautiful modern apothecaries and companies that have built upon Bach’s legacy, by making high vibration flower essence lines, working in alignment with Mother Earth and the elementals. Some of these companies are also deeply commited to flower essence research and efficacy.

Usually flower essences are made in harmony and divine co-creation with the Elements and the Universal law, aka ritual or shamanic ceremony, with working directly with the "essence" / the energetic signature, or soul of the plant. Flower Essences are a completely safe and sustainable form of natural plant medicine. There are generally no contraindications in taking them. They can be used alongside any other medications, herbs or supplements you are taking. They are gentle enough to be used with babies, children, pregnant and nursing women, the elderly and aging, as well as those who are chronically ill. You can even use flower essences to support your pets, house plants and your garden! Basically, any living thing can benefit from flower essences.

Flower essences come in small dropper bottles, often as a single essence or as a combination formula (most commonly known the Rescue Remedy) that you take orally or in water, similar to herbal tinctures. They can also be applied directly to the skin, used