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Flower Essences: One of the Most Powerful Emotional Healing Tools from Gaia

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid, bio-energetic and high vibrational remedies, derived from living plant material, such as blossoms, plants, trees, bushes. Flower essences are made by encoding the energetic imprint of a flower or plant in water. Flower essences are encoded with the universal healing intelligence of the plant spirits themselves, which helps humans to heal emotional and energetic blockages in the seven major chakras or “energy centers” of the body.

Flower essences are an ancient healing modality that was commonly used in advanced societies such as Lemuria and Atlantis. They have also been used for centuries in many indigenous cultures for healing, ritualistic ceremony and spiritual development.

More recently, Flower Essence Therapy was re-introduced into modern Western culture in the early 1900s by a British physician, bacteriologist and homeopath named Dr. Edward Bach. You may be familiar with the “Bach Remedies” or perhaps have taken “Rescue Remedy” for stress without realizing that these were flower essences! There are some beautiful modern apothecaries and companies that have built upon Bach’s legacy, by making high vibration flower essence lines, working in alignment with Mother Earth and the elementals. Some of these companies are also deeply commited to flower essence research and efficacy.

Usually flower essences are made in harmony and divine co-creation with the Elements and the Universal law, aka ritual or shamanic ceremony, with working directly with the "essence" / the energetic signature, or soul of the plant. Flower Essences are a completely safe and sustainable form of natural plant medicine. There are generally no contraindications in taking them. They can be used alongside any other medications, herbs or supplements you are taking. They are gentle enough to be used with babies, children, pregnant and nursing women, the elderly and aging, as well as those who are chronically ill. You can even use flower essences to support your pets, house plants and your garden! Basically, any living thing can benefit from flower essences.

Flower essences come in small dropper bottles, often as a single essence or as a combination formula (most commonly known the Rescue Remedy) that you take orally or in water, similar to herbal tinctures. They can also be applied directly to the skin, used in a spray or added to bath water.

Each Flower Essence offers the wisdom of what a particular flower has learned in its evolutionary journey here on earth, which has become encoded in the plants' DNA over time.


flowers and plants are living beings that have been on the Earth long before humans evolved.

Thus, there is a flower or plant that has successfully tackled just about every problem that people confront during their lifetimes. Just as every human or animal has a unique soul or “divine essence,” every flower, plant and tree also has a unique “divine essence.” When you take a flower essence, you are connecting directly with the intelligence of that flower.

Making flower essences a beautiful way to cocreate with and receive the abundant wisdom and healing energy of our planet Mother Earth. Flower essences are most commonly made from flowers, however they are also made of non-flowering plants, as well as trees, crystals and other elementals.

Each type, category or classification of plant has its specialty for what it helps us to heal. As a brief overview, trees are generally very grounding and help with root chakra issues such as feeling safe, belonging in groups and releasing fear. Crystal gem essences are generally used for helping to heal physical issues in the body and often correlate with specific organs. In their general term, Flower essences are one of the most powerful tools on the planet for healing emotional issues.

For example Grape Hyacinth/Muscari armeniacum, is associated with collective consciousness, restoring balance, resilience, calm and integration of the body and spirit during transitional times.

The flower essence of Anagalis arvensis or Blue Pimpernel, helps in the implementation and application of spiritual awareness in daily life and supports interpersonal behaviour.

To clear up a common misunderstanding, flower essences are NOT essential oils. Essential oils are made from processing the physical plant matter themselves, while flower essences are made using the energetic imprint of the flower in water. Although you can combine essential oils and flower essences in a room spray or a bath, it is not advised to store flower essences next to essential oils, as flower essences can become tainted by the essential oil.

Flower Essence Therapy

Working with Flower Essences

Flower Essences are a type of vibrational healing. They are a safe and natural alternative method of healing, in which the use of Flower Essences helps alleviate and treat psychological and psychosomatic problems.

Flower Essence Therapy, takes place when you begin to work with a trained and certified practitioner and the intention to use flower essences to heal. Flower Essence Therapy Sessions support holistic healing on all levels of your being, by working on the spiritual, mental and emotional energetic level. They gently restore the balance between the mind and the body by casting out negative emotions, such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision, which interfere with the equilibrium of the healing as a whole. Once anything on those levels gets released, physical healing takes place...alchemy!

As soon as you begin taking flower essences intentionally, that is therapeutically, your body and being receives the wisdom and intelligence from the combination of flowers and plants, that help you to heal deep seated beliefs, unhealthy patterns and emotional wounds that were often imprinted in childhood, in utero or even a past life! Often these patterns or younger, wounded parts of oneself are still “in charge” or limiting what you are capable of well into adulthood.

The aim of flower essence therapy is to support you in releasing these old limiting beliefs and unhealthy emotional patterns so that you can make more empowered choices in all areas of your life.
The deeper intention of flower essence therapy is total emotional freedom and to assist you in embodying the highest version of yourself, living life fully in the present moment.

Generally, a flower essence practitioner will make you customized essences based on certain themes that you are working to heal. Although many flower essences provide immediate results, for healing childhood imprints, it is recommended to combine it along with transformative coaching for at least 3 months, with 1 – 2 sessions per month as these deeper imprints often heal and clear in layers, much like peeling the layers off of an onion. It is encouraging to note that combining flower essences with transformative coaching, often works much faster and more sustainably than traditional forms of talk therapy, coaching or counseling on its own.

A Flower Essence Therapy can support you with:

· Establishing healthy boundaries

· Getting to the root of “mood disorders” such as depression, anxiety, stress

· Developing psychic & spiritual gifts

· Bringing more ease and clarity to life transitions and changes

· Trusting your intuition & connecting with spiritual guides

· Clearing familial, ancestral and karmic patterns

· Improving menstrual cycles & hormonal health

· Healing from pervasive physical conditions such as autoimmunity, chronic pain and fatigue

· Increasing financial abundance

· Healing from trauma, PTSD and abuse

· Moving through creative blocks & enhancing creative expression

· Making clearer and more empowered decisions

· Decreasing anxiety and daily overwhelm

· Improving the quality of relationships

· Grounding and protecting your energy

· Ending self-destructive habits and addictions

· Letting go of limiting beliefs

· And so much more…

More research is being done on how flower essences help us reconfigure our DNA and activate our divine genome, making flower essences invaluable tools for clearing ancestral karma, awakening and ascension!

If you are interested in working more intentionally and therapeutically with the help of flower essences, I would love to work with you. If you desire healing with this potent yet gentle form of botanical medicine, then either ordering a Customized Flower Essence Formula, or booking a Flower Essence Therapy Session are beautiful ways to experience the healing power of the flowers.

Customized Flower Essence Formulas - Transformation in a bottle

Flower Essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers and plants. Just as every human has a unique spirit or essence, the same is true for every plant, flower, tree and crystal. When you take a flower essence you are receiving assistance from the harmonious spirit of the plant itself and receiving all the evolutionary wisdom it has come to embody over its millions of years co-existing on planet earth. Ordering a Customized Flower Essence Formula is an easy way to receive the bioenergetic and healing power of the flowers in a form that is created to support your unique constitution, emotionally, mentally, physical and spiritually. Learn More.

Flower Essence Therapy Sessions -

Emotional freedom from the past, so you can move forward with ease

A unique blend of flower essence therapy and co-active transformational coaching. These sessions support you in reaching emotional freedom + sovereignity including transforming core wounds and releasing old limiting beliefs, ancestral trauma, familial conditioning, addictive and co-dependent patterning. Flower essences bring the natural, dynamic energy of a plant directly into the human system, supporting movement towards greater health and balance. Because of their energetic and living quality, flower essences are able to interface directly and deeply with the emotional system, assisting in the release of early wounding and trauma, and even going into your cellular DNA and releasing ancestral karmic and unhealthy familial patterning. A beautiful way to support your healing, awakening and ascension journey. Learn More.



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